Olav L. Bandmann

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We address the issue of updating privileges in a dynamic environment by introducing authority cerrtificates in a Privilege Management Infrastructure. These certificates can be used to create access-level permissions but also to delegate authority to other agents, thereby providing a mechanism for creating management structures and for changing these(More)
Sometimes it is useful to be able to separate between the management of a set of resources, and the access to the resources themselves. Current accounts of delegation do not allow such distinctions to be easily made, however. We introduce a new model for delegation to address this issue. The approach is based on the idea of controlling the possible shapes(More)
Tuple reduction is the basic mechanism used in SPKI to make authorisation decisions. A basic problem with the SPKI authorisation syntax is that straightforward implementations of tuple reduction are quadratic in both time and space. In the paper we introduce a restricted version of the SPKI authorisation syntax, which appears to conform well with practice,(More)
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