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Let ξ be a Dawson–Watanabe superprocess in R d such that ξt is a.s. locally finite for every t ≥ 0. Then for d ≥ 2 and fixed t > 0, the singular random measure ξt can be a.s. approximated by suitably normalized restrictions of Lebesgue measure to the ε-neighborhoods of supp ξt. When d ≥ 3, the local distributions of ξt near a hitting point can be(More)
A random measure ~ defined on some measurable space (S,S) is said to be symmetrically distributed with respect to some fixed measure w on S, if the distribution of). The first purpose of the present paper is to extend to such random measures (and then even improve) the results on convergence in distribution and almost surely, previously given for random(More)
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