Olav Hustveit

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In order to elucidate the mechanisms of action of ketamine, we have investigated the binding of the chiral forms of ketamine to opioid (mu, delta and kappa), phencyclidine, sigma and muscarinic receptors and we have performed detailed concentration-response experiments in the guinea-pig ileum preparation. The affinity ratios for the chiral forms at(More)
The analgesic efficiency of ketamine and pethidine was compared in experimental ischemic pain and postoperative pain after oral surgery. Naloxone 1.6 mg or placebo was given 5 min before the analgesic drug. The subjects recorded their pain on a visual analogue scale. Both ketamine 0.3 mg/kg and pethidine 0.7 mg/kg were effective as analgesics against the(More)
A new method of producing ischemic tourniquet pain is presented. The present test model showed a sex difference in the pain recordings. Sum pain intensity (SPI) for a 5 min trial period of ischemic pain was lower for males than for females (p less than 0.0001). The observed variability between male test subjects was greater than between female subjects,(More)
In order to evaluate the anticholinergic effect of fentanyl and pethidine, the influence of these drugs on the cumulative dose-response curves of carbacholine on the guinea-pig ileum has been investigated. Fentanyl and pethidine displaced the dose-response curve for carbacholine to the right in a parallel fashion, indicating competitive antagonism.(More)
Symptoms similar to the central anticholinergic syndrome are often seen after high dose fentanyl anesthesia. Therefore, the binding of fentanyl, alfentanil, pethidine and morphine to opioid and muscarinic receptors was investigated in rat brain homogenate with [3H]naloxone and [3H]QNB as the radioligands, respectively. Both pethidine and fentanyl inhibited(More)
The ability of naloxone to inhibit the fast development of tolerance to morphine was examined in the guinea-pig ileum preparation. Dose-response curves were obtained either non-cumulatively with morphine alone or cumulatively with morphine alone and in combination with different concentrations of naloxone. We present some theoretical considerations(More)
Fentanyl and pethidine are opioid agonists and muscarinic antagonists in the guinea-pig ileum preparation. In this preparation an opioid agonist reduces the release of acetylcholine. Therefore an opiate may influence the potency of an anticholinergic drug. A mathematical model was developed to characterize this putative interaction between opioid and(More)
BACKGROUND We report five years' experience with transcatheter closure of defects in the oval fossa at Rikshospitalet University Hospital in Oslo, Norway. MATERIAL AND METHODS We reviewed the results in 69 patients between 1.3 and 74 years of age (median 5.3), weighing median 20 kg (7.8-109), with pulmonary blood flow 2.40.74 (1.3-4.8) times systemic(More)
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