Olalekan Adeyinka

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The Internet is a complex and dynamic environment in terms of both topology and emerging technology. In such an environment, security measures applied for small well-defined networks cannot work effectively. The lack of adequate knowledge and understanding of software and security engineering leads to security vulnerabilities, e.g. by inappropriate(More)
The original goal of Internet protocol security (IPSec) is to enable the protection of all types of Internet protocol (IP) communications by protecting multiple peers at the network layer, in both the IPv4 and IPv6 environments. IPSec is a standard for securing internet communication and a widely deployed mechanism for implementing virtual private networks(More)
Email security becomes a sensitive case to study in the field of information security. From the most important security issues of network is how to secure Email from the threats that can be exposed of the security of massages by attackers. In addition, what are the techniques that can be using to secure the Email? Different solutions and several standards(More)
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