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INTRODUCTION The Port of Charleston, one of the busiest US ports, currently operates five terminals. The fifth terminal is being planned for expansion to accommodate container ships from the proposed Panama Canal expansion. Such expansion is expected to increase traffic within local vulnerable North Charleston neck communities by at least 7,000 diesel truck(More)
Vitamin D has been previously recognized to play important roles in human immune system and function. In the pulmonary system, vitamin D regulates the function of antimicrobial peptides, especially cathelicidin/LL-37. Human cathelicidin/LL-37 is a bactericidal, bacteriostatic, and antiviral endogenous peptide with protective immune functions. Chronic(More)
ALG13-CDG has been recently discovered as a disorder of severe developmental, intellectual and speech disability, microcephaly, visual abnormalities, seizures, hepatomegaly, coagulation abnormalities, and abnormal serumtransferrin isoelectric focusing in serum. A male with seizures, delayed motor, and speech development, but normal cognition carried a(More)
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