Olajide A Mustapha

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In the last few decades, there is substantial evidence that male reproductive function is deteriorating in humans and wildlife and this is associated with unintentional exposure to widely used synthetic chemicals. Subsequently, much has been done to show that certain chemicals in the environment adversely interfere with the developing fetal gonads of the(More)
Ten adult African giant rats (AGR), 5 males and 5 females, were used to determine the regional anatomy of their oral cavity. Body measurements were recorded. The oral cavity was accessed by disarticulating the temporo-mandibular joint and the gross morphology of the lips, palate, cheek pouch, teeth, tongue and major salivary glands were studied.(More)
This experiment was designed to investigate the morphological characterization of the brain cortices of African giant rats, AGR (Cricetomys gambianus, Waterhouse) across age groups as related to function. A total of 15 male AGR were used for this study comprising of 5 neonates, 5 juveniles and 5 adults. Brains were described as having typical rodent(More)
The African giant rat, AGR, is known for advantageous behavioural patterns among which are cognition and dexterous locomotion. This study investigated the morphological, morphometric and possible functional aspects of the AGR spinal cord (SC) anatomy. Ten adult (5 males and 5 females) AGR were used to determine the gross and histological features of the SC(More)
The national and international radioprotection legislation now covers exposures to the naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) with particular emphasis on radon in workplaces. Consequently, a number of working environments have now been brought into the realm of radiation protection monitoring with a corresponding increase in the demand for radon(More)
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