Olaf Zawacki-Richter

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launched in January 2000 and is offered completely online. Faculty from three continents and more than 500 students from 12 different countries joined the MDE community within its first three years. The mission of the MDE is to qualify present and future managers of distance education. Given that distance education-and e-learning-have expanded so rapidly in(More)
During recent years, many distance teaching as well as residential institutions have started to experiment with mobile learning through pilot projects as part of their e-learning and technology enhanced learning environments. The practical experience gained with the employment of strategies and approaches within distance education can assist with the(More)
A total of 2,338 students at German universities participated in a survey, which investigated media usage patterns of so-called traditional and non-traditional students (Schuetze & Wolter, 2003). The students provided information on the digital devices that they own or have access to, and on their usage of media and e-learning tools and services for their(More)
In many countries, open and distance education is perceived as a way to meet the growing need for higher education. This paper explores the development of online and distance education in three countries that are still a white spot on the landscape of international distance education research although they have implemented elaborated distance education(More)
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