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Wildcats are among the most elusive and least investigated carnivores in Central Europe. Here, we propose a hair-trapping method that allows reliable detection of wildcat presence even in low-density habitats. The trap is simple, consisting of a wooden stick with valerian as cat attractant. We performed non-invasive genetic wildcat monitoring in the(More)
In this paper, we describe the modeling of the contactless power-line data transmission for the industrial decentralized transportation system, as well as the performance of the data transmission. Compared with conventional in door PLC channels [M. Zimmer et al., 2002] [K. Dostert, 2000] the channel in the decentralized transportation system has several(More)
To provide a public infrastructure for wireless power transfer (WPT) to electrical vehicles, the ability of interoperable use between infrastructure and vehicle parts of different manufacturers is necessary. Based on the interoperability definition given in IEC 61980-3 (draft) Annex AA several different primary and secondary devices (pickups) have been(More)
Two main factors which cause errors of data transmission in the industrial power line communication (PLC) system are impulsive noise and colored background noise produced by the drive systems, such as switch power supply and motors. In the PLC system, the using OFDM modulated information is transmitted on selective frequencies. The colored noise causes(More)
To provide a public infrastructure for wireless charging of electrical vehicles, the ability of interoperable use between stationary and mobile parts of wireless power transfer systems (WPT) produced by different manufacturers is a necessary precondition. This paper proposes a general definition of the stationary part of the WPT in the sense of a power(More)
The concept of modern decentralized transport system consists not only of the drive and control technology, but also the transmission of data and energy. The latter tends to play a more important role in the future. In this paper we focus on the contactless data transmission system over the power-line cable, which is used for a contactless current supply.(More)
The European wildcat, Felis silvestris silvestris, serves as a prominent target species for the reconnection of central European forest habitats. Monitoring of this species, however, appears difficult due to its elusive behaviour and the ease of confusion with domestic cats. Recently, evidence for multiple wildcat occurrences outside its known distribution(More)