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The steady-state levels of messenger RNA (mRNA) of five cloned dopamine (D) receptors were measured in five brain regions in rats in a recently developed animal model of 'behavioral dependence' on ethanol. One group of rats was given the choice between ethanol and water over a 9-month period and developed 'behavioral dependence' on ethanol (group a). This(More)
Micromachined thermal heater platforms offer low electrical power consumption and high modulation speed, i.e. properties which are advantageous for realizing non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas-and liquid monitoring systems. In this paper, we report on investigations on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) based infrared (IR) emitter devices heated by employing(More)
Progress in nanosciences and life sciences is closely related to developments of high resolution imaging techniques. We introduce a technique which produces correlated topography and fluorescence lifetime images with nanometer resolution. Spot sizes below 5 nm are achieved by quenching of the fluorescence with silicon probes of an atomic force microscope(More)
IceCube is a one-gigaton instrument located at the geographic South Pole, designed to detect cosmic neutrinos, identify the particle nature of dark matter, and study high-energy neutrinos themselves. Simulation of the IceCube detector and processing of data require a significant amount of computational resources. This paper presents the first detailed(More)
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