Olaf Schrey

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Industrial and automotive image acquisition systems require dedicated CMOS image sensors with increased optical dynamic range, high image quality, and a high local contrast. Whereas image sensors with high dynamic range can be realized using logarithmic pixel characteristic their image quality and contrast are rather poor. In this contribution we present(More)
An integrated 128x128 CMOS image sensor with programmable diffusion kernel for local brightness adaptation and contrast enhancement achieves local brightness adaptation by dividing each individual pixel photocurrent by the average photocurrent of the corresponding kernel. The chip is realized in 1μm standard CMOS. Pixel pitch is 47μm and total chip area is(More)
A method for rotation and scale-invariant texture segmentation is proposed, which can also be employed for object recognition based on pattern analysis in noisy images. The segmentation scheme is based on a supervised rotation and scale-invariant texture recognition using multi-channel polar logarithmic Gabor "lters for feature extraction. The polar(More)
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