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Possibilities and limitations of Internet cartography software largely depend on the pace set by the software industry. The variety of commercial and non-commercial software caters for the needs of a continuously growing mapping community, including both professional and amateur cartographers. This chapter provides an overview of state-of-the-art(More)
CartouCHe (Cartography for Swiss Higher Education) is a new e-learning project and internet course, imparting knowledge about the multimedia and internet cartography to advanced students. For CartouCHe, existing courses at the three participating universities, Switzerland, were redesigned to improve the quality of the learning materials. Built on modular(More)
Introduction Don't you think that it is easier to click on a button to initialise a computer action than typing specific commands in a command line? Surely, if you are a computer expert you would say that the command line is more comfortable but if you are a beginner you would agree that clicking on buttons is the easier way to handle the computer's(More)
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