Olaf Schenk

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  • Olaf Schenk
  • International journal of computerized dentistry
  • 2009
Cerec AC presents itself as a modern acquisition unit with all features that are necessary for the digital optical impression. Apart from that, many user demands have been realized to improve different aspects, most importantly, of course, the much easier imaging process. But also the uninterrupted power supply--even though only an option--will soon be in(More)
Zirconia crowns combine the advantages of metal restorations, such as minimally invasive tooth preparation and ease of cementation, with those of full ceramic crowns, such as low thermal conductivity and tooth color. With the introduction of a high-speed sintering procedure, it is possible to produce and cement zirconia crowns and small monolithic bridges(More)
The face scan can serve as a means for the visualization of planes relevant for extensive prosthetic reconstructions. The key prerequisite is the availability of data in stl format for further processing in different software programs. The method is described in this article by a patient case.
The introduction of the Cerec Omnicam acquisition unit in September 2012 presented Sirona with a challenge: con- figuring the existing software version 4 for both the exist- ing Bluecam, which uses still images, and the video-based Omnicam. Sirona has succeeded in making all the features introduced in version 4.2 (such as the virtual articulator or(More)