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Mercury is being released in the Amazon in an abusive way due to goldmining activities. The Tapajós river basin was the first to be intensively exploited in the modern Amazon gold rush. Fish and hair samples as the best indicators of human methylmercury contamination were investigated in the main cities and villages along the Tapajós river basin. The upper(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the association between infant hair-Hg and Gesell schedules (GS). BACKGROUND Longitudinal assessment of prenatal and postnatal Hg exposure during the first 60 months. METHODS We used hair-Hg as a marker of postnatal Hg exposure (inorganic and methyl-Hg from breast milk, and ethyl-Hg from thimerosal) and GS measured at 6, 36, and(More)
In this paper, we synthesize available information on the links between changes in ecosystem loading of inorganic mercury (Hg) and levels of methylmercury (MeHg) in fish. Although it is widely hypothesized that increased Hg load to aquatic ecosystems leads to increases in MeHg in fish, there is limited quantitative data to test this hypothesis. Here we(More)
The present work tested whether ecological and biological variables have an influence on the assimilation of trace elements by the tissues of a cetacean from the Western South Atlantic Ocean. No significant differences were observed in the concentrations for both sexes. As individuals from the two sampling areas belong to distinct genetic and morphological(More)
Recent reviews by researchers from academia, industry, and government have revealed that the criteria used by the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants under the United Nations Environment Programme are not always able to identify the actual bioaccumulative capacity of some substances, by use of chemical properties such as the octanol-water(More)
  • O Malm
  • Environmental research
  • 1998
Amalgamation has been used for more than 4500 years in mining processes. Mercury has been extensively used in South America by Spanish colonizers for precious metal recovery. It is estimated that between 1550 and 1880, nearly 200,000 metric tonnes of mercury was released to the environment. During the present gold rush, Brazil is first in South America and(More)
Fish is an important item in the diet of Amazonians, and per se is their best single source of essential nutrients. Rapid urbanization and migration are bringing changes in dietary habits of Amazonians. Exposure to fish-Hg during pregnancy and lactation were studied in 100 women and newborns from Porto Velho. Tissue-Hg concentrations and neurodevelopment(More)
Because of uncertainties associated with a possible rise in neuro-developmental deficits among vaccinated children, thimerosal-preserved vaccines have not been used since 2004 in the USA (with the exception of thimerosal-containing influenza vaccines which are routinely recommended for administration to pregnant women and children), and the EU but are(More)
Cumulative evidence indicates that oxidative stress and inflammation frequently occurs in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (HD) and as a result of overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and a decrease of antioxidant defenses such as selenium (Se). Previous studies in our laboratory showed that the supplementation of 1 unit of Brazil nut(More)