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The present article describes the development of L1-L2map, a multilingual contrastive analysis tool. It uses the phoneme inventories of a large number of languages, but also contains more detailed phonetic information. An example of this is the information about the syllable positions in which the sounds can occur in a given language, which is very useful(More)
This article describes the CALST project, in which the primary aim is to develop Ville-N, a CAPT system for learners of Norwegian as a second language. Since there is no accepted pronunciation standard in Norwegian, the system uses four dialects (represented by one male and one female speaker each). Ville-N makes use of L1-L2map, a tool for multilingual(More)
Cross-linguistic comparison is a good starting point for computer-assisted pronunciation training (CAPT). A comparison between the segment inventories of a learner's mother tongue (L1) and the target language (L2) can be made on the basis of the IPA categories. Since these are claimed to reflect universal phonemic distinctions, mastering the contrasts in(More)
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