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In this paper, a novel biomechanical modeling and simulation environment with an emphasis on user-specific customization is presented. A modular modeling approach for multi-body systems allows a flexible extension by specific biomechanical modeling elements and enables an efficient application in dynamic simulation and optimization problems. A functional(More)
Two fusion proteins, composed of interleukin 2 (IL-2) or tumor necrosis factor (TNF) coupled to an antibody [fusion protein (FuP); IL-2-FuP or TNF-FuP], were capable of retarding growth of a human malignant melanoma in the severe combined immunodeficient mouse depending on the concomitant application of human peripheral blood leukocytes. Here we have(More)
Clinical success in tumor vaccination frequently does not reach expectation. Since vaccination protocols are quite variable, we used the murine renal cell carcinoma line RENCA transfected with the lacZ gene (RENCA-beta-gal) to compare the efficacy of two different vaccination strategies or their combination and to elaborate on the underlying mechanisms.(More)
Mobility is considered a key technology of the next generation Internet and has been standardized within the IETF. Rapidly emerging multimedia group applications such as IPTV, massive mutliplayer games (MMORPGs) and video conferencing increase the demand for mobile group communication, but a standard design of mobile multicast is still awaited. The open(More)
Feelings of unrealistic body parts are related to deficits in human information processing and can occur as a part of phantom sensations after amputation [8]. Experimentally induced sensoric illusions like rubber hand illusion (RHI) [1] may help to understand basic information processing and could give new ideas for treatment or the rehabilitation process.(More)
Application of immunocytokines [fusion proteins (FuPs)] where the cytokine has been coupled to an antibody may not produce the severe side effects frequently observed during systemic application of cytokines in cancer therapy. However, it has not been explored whether FuPs are sufficient for intratumoral activation of leukocytes or whether intratumoral(More)
Neuroscience research often requires direct access to brain tissue in animal models which clearly requires opening of the protective cranium. Minimizing animal numbers requests only well-experienced surgeons, since clumsy performance may lead to premature death of the animal. To minimise those traumatic outcomes, an algorithmic approach for closed-loop(More)
Multicast network services advantageously complement multimedia information and communication technologies, as they open up the realm for highly scalable multi- customer applications. Mobile environments providing shared limited bandwidth to a growing number of users will emphasize the need for multicast support even further. The traditional Internet(More)
When it comes to academic signal processing, students' experiences are sometimes spoilt by the dry nature of the topic, applying only mathematical methods. We propose in the following a more hands-on method to acquire signal processing experiences by utilizing state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor hardware for biomedical engineering related tasks. In(More)
Multimedia networking in the near future is expected to be dominated by group applications such as IPTV, MMORPGs, and video conferencing. Hand in hand with new service offers, the deployment of multicast at the network layer started to disseminate. Currently info-tainment is gradually expanding into the mobile world, but a standard design of mobile(More)