Olaf Albert

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We have developed a compact retinal imager that integrates adaptive optics (AO) into a line scanning ophthalmoscope (LSO). The bench-top AO-LSO instrument significantly reduces the size, complexity, and cost of research AO scanning laser ophthalmoscopes (AOSLOs), for the purpose of moving adaptive optics imaging more rapidly into routine clinical use. The(More)
The correction of non-common path aberrations (NCPAs) between the imaging and wavefront sensing channel in a confocal scanning adaptive optics ophthalmoscope is demonstrated. NCPA correction is achieved by maximizing an image sharpness metric while the confocal detection aperture is temporarily removed, effectively minimizing the monochromatic aberrations(More)
This contribution discusses the design of a programmable delay shifter for an ultrawideband (UWB) pulse position modulation (PPM) testbed. PPM was selected because of its low duty cycle which translates to high power efficiency. The receiver synchronisation subsystem uses a digitally controlled delay shifter which is implemented in two parts: a coarse and a(More)
l-Eburnamonine--16-oxoeburnane--assumes experimental cerebral 'oxygenator' and antihypoxic properties which appear more pronounced than those of vincamine. In anesthetized dogs, l-eburnamonine increases the cerebral oxygen supply and the cerebral oxygen consumption, without cerebral vasodilation; l-eburnamonine improves the cerebral capillary circulation,(More)
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