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We introduce a structured methodology for the generation of executable test environments from textual requirement specifications via UML class diagrams and the application of the classification tree methodology for embedded systems. The first phase is a stepwise transformation from unstructured English text into a textual normal form (TNF), which is(More)
BACKGROUND Oocyte donation has been permitted by Swedish legislation since January 2003. While donors are anonymous to the receiving couple, offspring have the legal right to receive identifying information about the donor when they reach adult age. Our aim was to investigate factors of potential importance for women's willingness to donate oocytes. (More)
In this report I present some fault-tolerance techniques that has been implemented in a tool for real-time scheduling. The techniques implemented are based on some of the most established existing techniques found in the real-time community. The purpose of this work has only been to implement the techniques; later on they are supposed to be used for studies(More)
Ultrastructural studies were undertaken to investigate the temporal relationship between loss of the zona pellucida around the blastocyst and the appearance of decidual changes in the endometrial stroma during normal implantation in rats. Blastocyst-free and blastocyst-containing sites of pregnant uterine horns were studied and compared with control sites(More)
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