Ola Jabali

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It has been around thirty years since the heterogeneous vehicle routing problem was introduced, and significant progress has since been made on this problem and its variants. The aim of this survey paper is to classify and review the literature on heterogeneous vehicle routing problems. The paper also presents a comparative analysis of the metaheuristic(More)
This paper presents a hybrid evolutionary algorithm (HEA) to solve heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problems with time windows. There are two main types of such problems, namely the fleet size and mix vehicle routing problem with time windows (F) and the heterogeneous fixed fleet vehicle routing problem with time windows (H), where the latter, in(More)
This paper introduces a version of the classical traveling salesman problem with time-dependent service times. In our setting, the duration required to provide service to any customer is not fixed but defined as a function of the time at which service starts at that location. The objective is to minimize the total route duration, which consists of the total(More)
In this paper we study the Multi-period Vehicle Routing Problem with Due dates (MVRPD), where customers have to be served between a release and a due date. Customers with due dates exceeding the planning period may be postponed at a cost. A fleet of capacitated vehicles is available to perform the distribution in each day of the planning period. The(More)
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