Ola Härkegård

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This paper considers actuator redundancy management for a class of overactuated nonlinear systems. Two tools for distributing the control effort among a redundant set of actuators are optimal control design and control allocation. In this paper, we investigate the relationship between these two design tools when the performance indexes are quadratic in the(More)
Aircraft flight control design is traditionally based on linear control theory, due to the existing wealth of tools for linear design and analysis. However, in order to achieve tactical advantages, modern fighter aircraft strive towards performing maneuvers outside the region where the dynamics of flight are linear, and the need for nonlinear tools arises.(More)
In this thesis a quadrotor is studied and a linear model is derived using grey-box estimation, a discipline in system identification where a model structure based on physical relations is used and the parameters are estimated using input-output measurements. From imu measurements and measured pwm signals to the four motors, a direct approach using the(More)
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