Ola Bäckström

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This paper presents a method for the quantification of software failures in a reactor protection system in the context of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) for a nuclear power plant. The emphasis of the method is on the quantification of the failure probability of an application software module, which can lead to the functional failure modes: failure to(More)
A quantification of a PSA can be performed through different techniques, of which the Minimal Cut Set (MCS) generation technique and Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) are the most well known. There is only one advantage with the MCS approach compared to the BDD approach calculation time, or rather, the capability to always solve the problem. In most cases the(More)
The classic Minimal Cut Set (MCS) generation method where minimum cut upper bound or 1 st , 2 nd or 3 rd order approximation is used, is well suited for MCS with low probability events. The complexity of modern PSA models is constantly increasing. The complexity is driven by refined modelling of dependencies and system behavior, but also the inclusion and(More)
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