Ola A. Ahmed

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Excessive generalisation of fear learning has recently been implicated in the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Evidence is growing to suggest that cognitive processes such as rule-abstraction may be involved in fear generalization. In a study by Vervliet et al. (2010), verbal(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 operator. Anomalous diffusion phenomena are extensively observed in physics, chemistry, and biology fields [19, 29]. To characterize anomalous diffusion phenomena, constantorder fractional diffusion equations are introduced and have received tremendous success. However, it has been found that the constant-order fractional diffusion(More)
Generalization of conditioned fear has been implicated in the maintenance and proliferation of fear in anxiety disorders. The role of cognitive processes in generalization of conditioning is an important yet understudied issue. Vervliet et al. (2010) tested generalization of fear to a visual stimulus of a particular color and shape paired with electric(More)
In order to study the intracellular metabolism of Methotrexate (MTX) and the cytotoxicity of the antifolates, a specific paired-ion HPLC method has been developed which permits the simultaneous determination of DAMPA, MTX, 7-OH-MTX, MTX-G1, MTX-G2 and MTX-G3. Cells were incubated with 3H-MTX. The MTX metabolites were extracted, purified on SEP-PAK(More)
While clinical reports suggest that torture survivors may try to suppress their emotions during torture, little is known about the use of emotional suppression following torture. In this study, 82 refugees and asylum-seekers (including 33 torture survivors) completed self-report measures of trait suppression, PTSD symptoms and baseline negative affect(More)
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