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The biological activity of eight 1-oxa-4-aza-2-silacyclanes with the OSiCH(2)N fragment including 6-membered 2-sila-5-morpholinones (1-3) and 4-acyl-2-silamorpholines (4-6)and previously unknown 7-membered derivatives of salicylic acid (7, 8) was studied. Compounds 1 and 3-6 show the certain antihypoxic action. Compounds 2 (40 mg/kg), 4 (20 mg/kg), 6 (40(More)
The status of the taxa Elymus dahuricus Turcz. ex Griseb., E. excelsus Turcz. ex Griseb., E. woroschilowii Probat. and E. tangutorum (Nevski) Hand.-Mazz., all of which are sometimes treated as members of E. dahuricus s.l. or as constituting the E. dahuricus complex, has been investigated using morphological, biochemical (SDS-PAGE of endosperm proteins) and(More)
Organosilicon compounds possess a broad spectrum of biological activity [2]. However only a few are used in pharmacology [6]. The search for regulators of extreme states among organosilicon compounds is limited and has been carried out only among compounds of hypervalent silicon [4, 5]. In view of the possible role of silicon in effecting adaptation(More)
During the recent 10 years, 1987-1997, syphilis morbidity was found to increase 60-fold in Omsk Province. In 1997 adolescents constituted 6.0% in the structure of persons who contacted the disease. In this year more than 500 adolescent using drugs were registered in the region. The introduction of drugs by injection was practiced by 9.6% of the adolescents.(More)
An experience on the organization of therapeutic care for pregnant women, women-in-labour and puerperants is presented by the example of the city of Tolyatti. An organizational model related with rendering such care is defined; the model envisages the continuity of obstetrics, therapeutic and pediatric complexes, the general therapeutic practice, the(More)
In murine experiments, whether resistance to acute cooling (air and immersion cooling) can be predicted has been studied. Prognostic tests have demonstrated to be effective and feasible. The criteria examined for each type of cooling (which may be accounted for by the specific features of the air and immersion types of cold effects) have been found to be of(More)
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