Olívia Santos Pereira

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BACKGROUND While few hypothyroid patients require more than the expected weight-related dose of levothyroxine, the underlying causes of larger-than-expected dosing requirements have not been studied in a single cohort. Our aim was to determine and quantify the multiple factors contributing to high-dose levothyroxine requirements in a cohort of patients with(More)
The genus Staphylococcus is composed of Gram-positive bacteria with diameters of 0.5-1.5 μm, characterized by individual cocci that divide in more than one plane to form grape-like clusters [1]. These bacteria are non-motile, nonspore forming facultative anaerobes, featuring a complex nutritional requirement for growth [2-4], a low G+C content of DNA (in(More)
BACKGROUND Annual surveillance (with thyroid function testing) is widely recommended for the long-term follow-up of treated hypothyroid patients. It is based largely on consensus opinion and there is limited evidence to support the frequency of monitoring. The majority of patients in our hospital based thyroid register are on 18 monthly follow-up. METHODS(More)
Introduction: Chronic low back pain is conceived of as a multifactorial syndrome that results in the loss of functional capacity. It affects the quality of life of an individual and its treatment requires a comprehensive therapeutic approach. Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of the SanthiflexTM Method in the treatment of chronic(More)
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