Okuthe P. Kogeda

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Wireless Backbone Networks (WBNs) equipped with Multi-Radio Multi-Channel (MRMC) configurations do experience power control problems such as the inter-channel and co-channel interference, high energy consumption at multiple queues and unscalable network connectivity. Such network problems can be conveniently modelled using the theory of queue perturbation(More)
most rural communities of South Africa share a lot of common characteristics and same set of service needs. One characteristic that these communities have in common is the difficulty that the government has in providing sufficient public transportation for them. Public transport in rural communities has been historically less adequate than what is provided(More)
This paper discusses modelling and prediction of faults in cellular networks. We derive probabilistic models of the cellular network systems in which the independence relations between the variables of interest are represented explicitly. We use a directed graph in which two nodes are connected by an edge if one is a direct cause of the other. We present(More)
There is a high growth rate in number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa and the role they play in the growth of South African economy is very vital. These organizations set up networks to ease communication and share resources. However, due to rapid growth in most of the SMEs, they face network performance limitations including high(More)
Social grant in South Africa is supported by the Social development macro policy framework since 1994. It was aimed at poverty alleviation that combines social and economic goals. Government over the years has been faced with a number of challenges in social grants and benefits administration such as fragmented institutional arrangements and a lack of(More)
Marginalized Rural Areas (MRAs) practice farming and in most cases lack basic resources and skills to improve yields, which are often poor. This has led to famine, poverty, crime and rural to urban migration. Agricultural activities when practiced very well can alleviate such challenges in the country. We are therefore, developing a cloud computing model(More)