Oksana Mirochnik

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Under ultraviolet radiation of Pseudomonas putida 1087 the SOS-similar response which is expressed in the inhibition of cell respiration and cell division with the following filamentation is revealed. In the result of introduction of pPE24 and pMH21 plasmids into the cells of P. putida 1087 for inhibition of RecA-similar protein the SOS-similar response(More)
Chimerism analysis has an important role in the management of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. It informs response to disease relapse, graft rejection, and graft-versus-host disease. We have developed a method for chimerism analysis using ubiquitous copy number variation (CNV), which has the benefit of a "negative background" against(More)
We compare results of factor V DNA analysis with three different clotting-based assays designed to detect activated protein C (APC) resistance (APCR), using samples from 958 patients undergoing assessment for thrombophilia. The original and most commonly used APTT-based procedure (generating an APTT ratio in presence versus absence of APC), showed the least(More)
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