Oksana Lobachevska

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During the growth and development of the sporophytic capsules of some moss species, negative gravitropism is changed for a positive one. Horizontal clinostat rotation induced unregulated growth of the sporophytes and their twisting; some of sporophytes remained straight, however. It has been established that the change of the gravitropic reaction is related(More)
There is much progress in application of genetic engineering for improving the biological properties of different organisms. Viral and nonviral carriers are used for delivery of genetic material into target cells. Polymeric materials of natural and synthetic origin are the most promising gene delivery agents. These polymers demonstrated high efficiency of(More)
Epigenetically-determined apogamy in aposporous regenerants of the moss Pottia intermedia persists during vegetative propagation, the capacity of apogamy being inherited by individual aposporous protonemal cells. To test Bauer-Lazarenko's proposal that stable apogamy in mosses may be due to some self-replicating cytoplasmic factor, the effects of different(More)
Development of modern agriculture and biotechnology is closely connected with the use of novel and effective genetic engineering methods. Presently, non-viral nanoparticle-mediated plant transformation methods gain more attention because of their stability, safety, and convenience of performance. In this work, new polymeric dimethylaminoethyl metacrylate(More)
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