Oksana Kuznetsova

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Inflammation is a pathophysiological response to infection or tissue damage during which high levels of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species are produced by phagocytes to kill microorganisms. Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species serve also in the complex regulation of inflammatory processes. Recently, it has been proposed that peroxiredoxins may play key(More)
We studied the effect of Ladasten (30 mg/kg intraperitoneally for 5 days) on the subpopulation composition of T cells in immunocompetent organs of male C57Bl/6 mice during modeling of an anxious-depressive state (chronic zoosocial stress). Stress exposure of animals for 30 days was followed by a decrease in the relative weight of the thymus, increase in the(More)
The cultural broth of Candida tropicalis was shown to contain an active compound which stimulated the synthesis of levorin, a polyene antibiotic Succinic acid was found to stimulate the antibiotic synthesis. The stimulating effect of the active compound increased in proportion to the content of succinic acid in it and became maximal at the same(More)
The regularities of changes in the main oxidation-reduction enzymes of the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TAC) and the pentose cycle were studied under different cultivation conditions: with the use of the control soybean-corn-hydrol medium and the medium with addition of a biostimulant produced by C. tropicalis. It was shown that the activity levels of the(More)
Regularities of the effect of a biostimulator produced by years-like fungi on accumulation of CoA, biotin and levorin in a developing culture of S. levoris were studied. It was shown that addition of the biostimulator to the fermentation medium resulted in increased accumulation of CoA and biotin in the mycelium of the levorin-producing culture within the(More)
Experiments on isolation of active substances or biostimulators from the culture fluids of yeast-like fungi of Candida (C. tropicalis, strain 159) were performed. Addition of the biostimulators to the fermentation medium for cultivation of the levorin-producing actinomycete provided the same levels of the antibiotic synthesis as mixed cultivation of the(More)
Production specific properties of substances stimulating levorin biosynthesis by various microorganisms were studied. It was noted that substances activating the biosynthesis of levorin were produced by various species of yeast-like fungi. Filtrates of the fermentation broths of bacteria, yeasts or filamentous fungi did not contain substances increasing the(More)