Oksana Itkes

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Recent theories of metaphor comprehension discuss the cognitive substrates involved in processing metaphors. However, the role of valence perception during metaphor comprehension has received little attention. The present study aims to examine the effect of emotional valence on metaphor processing, as well as the interaction between this effect and(More)
Previous research has suggested that cognitive performance is interrupted by negative relative to neutral or positive stimuli. We examined whether negative valence affects performance at the word or phrase level. Participants performed a semantic decision task on word pairs that included either a negative or a positive target word. In Experiment 1, the(More)
We examined the possible dissociation between two modes of valence: affective valence (valence of e emotional response) and semantic valence (stored knowledge about valence of an object or event). In Experiment 1, 50 participants viewed affective pictures that were repeatedly presented while their facial electromyography (EMG) activation and heart rate(More)
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