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INTRODUCTION The UGT1A1*28 (rs8175347) polymorphism is associated with hyperbilirubinemia. The presence of 6 TA-repeats in the UGT1A1 gene promoter region corresponds to normal UGT1TA1 activity. A detection of 7 TA-repeats in hetero- or homozygous individuals [(TA)6/(TA)7 and (TA)7/(TA)7] is associated with lower UGT1TA1 activity, which may eventually(More)
Forty-nine patients (aged 7-15 years) with temporal epilepsy were examined using clinical and electrophysiological methods; 27 children were also subjected to psychological examination and 14 of them to computerized tomography of the brain. Characteristics of temporal paroxysms and correlation between the course of epilepsy and its duration and progression(More)
The study presents a technology of using business games at the lessons of English for engineering students of the speciality «quality control». The practical tasks dealing with issues of quality control and management improve not only speaking skills but also develop the students' professional qualities necessary for their future professional activity. The(More)
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