Okke Batelaan

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Surface soil moisture (SM) plays a fundamental role in energy and water partitioning in the soil–plant–atmosphere continuum. A reliable and operational algorithm is much needed to retrieve regional surface SM at high spatial and temporal resolutions. Here, we provide an operational framework of estimating surface SM at fine spatial resolutions (using(More)
Drought is an intermittent disturbance of the water cycle that profoundly affects the terrestrial carbon cycle. However, the response of the coupled water and carbon cycles to drought and the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Here we provide the first global synthesis of the drought effect on ecosystem water use efficiency (WUE = gross primary(More)
Flood pulses occur annually along the Tonle Sap River (TSR) due to the large volume of water flowing from Tonle Sap Lake (TSL), its tributaries, and the Mekong River (MR). This study describes the seasonal changes in inundation area and water volume in the floodplain along the TSR over three years. The method employed time series remote sensing images of(More)
Karst springs of the Makook anticline were investigated to get more insight into the hydrogeologic, hydraulic, and hydrodynamic behavior of this complex karst system. Eight springs were studied in terms of hydrogeochemical constituents as well as δ 18 O and δ 2 The regional meteoric line plots between the global and Mediterranean meteoric water lines. The(More)
Monitoring of water and energy fluxes is a requirement for assessment of climate and anthropo-genic effects on natural and agricultural ecosystems [i]. These fluxes consist of the physical transfers between soil, vegetation and atmosphere. In order to describe these transfers, on local, regional or global scale, and the changes taking place in the(More)
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