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A thermosonimetric study has shown that the Phase II/III polymorphic transition of hexachloroethane emits acoustic signals. This solid-solid phase transition is known to occur by a nucleation-growth process during which a nucleus of the new phase, once formed, grows at the expense of the mother phase to form a complete crystal without fracture. Acoustic(More)
Infrared vibrational CD (VCD) of a small peptide, L-alanyl-L-alanyl-L-alanine (Ala3), and a peptide model, N-acetyl-L-alanine-N'-methyl-amide (AAMA), in the 1550-1750-cm-1 region has been observed. The "coupled oscillator" VCD feature observed for Ala3 in the amide I region is interpreted in terms of a solution structure stabilized by the electrostatic(More)
Extreme precipitation events have been extensively applied to the design of social infra structures. Thus, a method to more scientifically estimate the extreme event is required. This paper suggests a method to estimate the extreme precipitation in Korea using a regional climate model. First, several historical extreme events are identified and the most(More)
Brock, I. The phenomenon of chemical acoustic emission is the subject of increased interest as the basis for several unconventional analytical tools in chemistry. Its continued development rests in part on the use and availability of suitable chemometric techniques to analyze the vast amount of data collected during many types of experiments. This paper(More)
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