Okello James

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The internal consistency and factorial composition of the eight-item Life Satisfaction Index--Well-being, adapted for use with elderly British samples, were examined. Cross-validation was carried out with a randomly drawn community sample of 155 rural people aged 65-89 years. The scale was found to have acceptable internal reliability, but may require(More)
BACKGROUND Caregivers of patients with chronic illnesses are often uncompensated for work that is physically demanding, time consuming and emotionally and economically draining. This is particularly true for caregivers of children with nodding syndrome, an emergent neurological disorder of unknown etiology in resource poor settings in Africa. We aimed to(More)
The properties of four global ratings of life stress were investigated using data from 237 elderly subjects interviewed using the Brown & Harris life event and difficulties schedule. The global ratings had high one-year test-retest reliability and inter-rater reliability agreement. A summary measure of Adversity (based on contextual rating of all events and(More)
The inter-rater reliability of Brown's measure of ongoing difficulties ('severity') is shown to be comparable with that of the measure of life events ('long-term threat') when using data from an elderly subject pool. Test-retest reliabilities for both the life event and difficulty measures are shown to be adequate if based on 'consensus' ratings. The(More)
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