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The Effect of Social Network on women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria : A case study of Ado-Ekiti Small scale Enterprise Oke
Small businesses are essential to the economy of almost every country. Women entrepreneurs have been seen as the new device for economic growth and development in developing countries. This paper
Performance of Broiler Chicken Fed Diets Containing Cassava Peel and Leaf Meals as Replacements for Maize and Soya Bean Meal
A 49-day feeding trial was carried out in a completely randomized design to evaluate growth performance of broilers fed cassava leaf meal and cassava peeling meal used as replacement of soya bean
The use of TRMM satellite data as a predictor in the spatial interpolation of daily precipitation over Australia
The accurate estimation of gridded daily precipitation is critical to hydrological modelling and water resource assessment. High resolution precipitation datasets based on gauge rainfall are the
Gross margin analysis of backyard farming in Osun state , Nigeria
Population continues to increase in the urban centers in Nigeria thereby deepening the crises of food insecurity and unemployment. There is the dearth of job opportunity especially among the youth
Diversity and nutritional status of edible insects in Nigeria: A review
Information on insects as food in Nigeria was collected by reviewing the literature of what scientists have done locally in the country. A list of 22 edible insect species from six orders were
Preliminary studies on the laxative properties of Senna alata L . and Hollandia yoghurt tm
Experiments on Senna alata aqueous extract and Hollandia yoghurt were done to determine active compounds responsible for their laxative properties and to further establish sample vulnerability to
Impact of Commercial Banks on Small and Medium Enterprises Financing In Nigeria
This study examines the impact of commercial banks in financing small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria between 2002 and 2012. A sample of ten (10) commercial banks is drawn for the
Recycling Of Asphalt Pavement For Accelerated And Sustainable Road Development In Nigeria
The deliberate steps being taken towards total restoration of the road network in Nigeria and the huge sums of money committed to it by Governments are not yielding the anticipated results after all