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The abstract nonlocal boundary value problem −d 2 ut/dt 2 Aut gt, 0 < t < 1, dut/dt − Aut ft, 1 < t < 0, u1 u−1 μ for differential equations in a Hilbert space H with the self-adjoint positive definite operator A is considered. The well-posedness of this problem in H ¨ older spaces with a weight is established. The coercivity inequalities for the solution(More)
Rural areas display adverse attitudes toward organ donation. Through a population-based cross-sectional study of people 18 years of age or older in the rural area of Ankara, Yapracik Village, Turkey, we identified the attitudes and beliefs of people related to organ transplantation and organ donation. The research universe included 87 people in 75(More)
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