Okan Akalin

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Despite recent developments in improved acquisition, seismic data often remains undersampled along source and receiver coordinates, resulting in incomplete data for key applications such as migration and multiple prediction. We interpret the missing-trace interpolation problem in the context of matrix completion and outline three practical principles for(More)
In this work, we propose a framework for multimodal data fusion at decision level under a multilayer hierarchical ensemble learning architecture. The architecture provides a generative discriminative model for probability density estimations and decreases the entropy of the data throughout the vector spaces. The architecture is implemented for human motion(More)
A uniaxial cell stretching technique to measure time-resolved local substrate strain while simultaneously imaging adherent cells is presented. The experimental setup comprises a uniaxial stretcher platform compatible with inverted microscopy and transparent elastomer samples with embedded fluorescent beads. This integration enables the acquisition of(More)
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