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Peat bogs are increasingly recognised as valuable habitats for wildlife and important stores of carbon. Yet the UK horticultural industry relies heavily on peat sourced from bogs in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Environmentalists, government and horticultural businesses in the UK now recognise the environmental consequences of using peat in horticulture,(More)
A high through-put method to assay for binding of retinoids to their cytosolic binding protein is described. The protein-bound retinoid is quantified following its complete separation from the free ligand by a single gel filtration chromatography step on Sephadex G-25 columns. The method allows a single person to process up to 100 samples per day. A new,(More)
The question is on the Speaker’s approval of the Journal. The question was taken; and the Speaker pro tempore announced that the ayes appeared to have it. Mr. MCNULTY. Mr. Speaker, I object to the vote on the ground that a quorum is not present and make the point of order that a quorum is not present. The SPEAKER pro tempore. Evidently a quorum is not(More)
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