Ok Kyung Min Jung Kim

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Soil enzyme activities and heavy metal concentrations (Cd, Zn, Cu and Pb) were measured at a general shooting range in South Korea. Total heavy metal concentrations varied with pH, and were negatively correlated with moisture content and organic matter. Most enzyme activities (dehydrogenase, acid phosphatase and beta-glucosidase) and ATP values (measure of(More)
Extragonadal teratoma originating from the retroperitoneum represents less than 5% of all teratomas and accounts for less than 10% of all pediatric retroperitoneal neoplasms. To date, there has been no report of teratoma managed with LT. This study reports an infant aged 3 months with retroperitoneal immature teratoma involving the hepatic hilum, refractory(More)
The bioavailability of metals at eight military shooting ranges in the Kyungkido and Kangwondo districts in Korea was examined through measurements of the metal content of the tissues of plants growing at the sites. Analysis of the metals in soil samples showed that only a small fraction of the total metal in the soil was soluble (soluble Cd, 0.01-0.43(More)
The gene encoding phosphoketolase, which is 2749 bp long and contains 814 amino acid polypeptides with a total molecular mass of 91.9 kDa, was cloned from Leuconostoc mesenteroides C7 (LMC7) and expressed in Escherichia coli. It exhibited a homology of >58% with phosphoketolases from other lactic acid bacteria. The phosphoketolase of LMC7 belongs to the(More)
The microscale analytical method that is being developed in this group for the structure determination of oligosaccharides yields monosaccharide derivatives bearing two types of chromophores suitable for exciton-coupling, namely, 4-bromobenzoate (lambda max 245 nm) and 4-methoxycinnamate (lambda max 311 nm). Comparison of the circular dichroic (CD) curves(More)
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