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Quebrada jaguay: early south american maritime adaptations
Excavations at Quebrada Jaguay 280 (QJ-280) (16 degrees30'S) in south coastal Peru demonstrated that Paleoindian-age people of the Terminal Pleistocene (about 11,100 to 10,000 carbon-14 years beforeExpand
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Dynamics of rough interfaces in chemical vapor deposition: experiments and a model for silica films
We study the surface dynamics of silica films grown by low pressure chemical vapor deposition. Atomic force microscopy measurements show that the surface reaches a scale invariant stationary stateExpand
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Pectin extraction from cocoa pod husk (Theobroma cacao L
Cocoa crops development presents challenges concerning the proper disposal of waste generated by this activity, and the obtaining of value-added products. Thus, the aim of this study was to obtainExpand
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Mortalidad infantil por defectos congénitos en el municipio arroyo naranjo del 2000-2006 Congenital defects infant mortality in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality 2000-2006
This paper deals with analyzing the impact of congenital defects on infant mortality, the assessment of the variables associated to congenital defects which caused children to die during their firstExpand
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Variability of Baccharis crispa Spreng. wild populations in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.
Baccharis crispa Spreng., "Carqueja", is found among the medicinal plants of Argentina, registered in the pharmacopoeia, the species. It is a rhizomatous dioic subshrub, with branches provided withExpand
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Photochemical Degradation of the Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic and Its Microbiological Validation
In this research, it used advanced oxidation processes for the recovery, detoxification and mineralization of wastewater mainly contaminated by antibiotics (ciprofloxacin). These processes can beExpand
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