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The beetle Cucujus clavipes is found in North America over a broad latitudinal range from North Carolina (latitude approximately 35 degrees N) to near tree line in the Brooks Range in Alaska (latitude, approximately 67 degrees 30' N). The cold adaptations of populations from northern Indiana (approximately 41 degrees 45' N) and Alaska were compared and, as(More)
Thermosensitivity (TS) and threshold core temperature for metabolic cold defence were determined in six conscious rabbits before, and at seven different times after i.v. injection of killed Staphylococcus aureus (8 x 10(7) or 2 x 10(7) cell walls x kg(-1)) by exposure to short periods (5-10 min) of body cooling. Heat was extracted with a chronically(More)
Conduction in the heart requires gap junctions. In mammalian ventricular myocytes these consist of connexin43 (Cx43). Hearts of non-hibernating species display conduction disturbances at reduced temperatures. These may exacerbate into lethal arrhythmias. Hibernating species are protected against these arrhythmias by a non-resolved mechanism. To analyze(More)
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