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—Information sharing and gathering are important in the rapid advancement era of technology. The existence of WWW has caused rapid growth of information explosion. Readers are overloaded with too many lengthy text documents in which they are more interested in shorter versions. Oil and gas industry could not escape from this predicament. In this paper, we(More)
It is an uphill task for students to decide which internship offer to accept because of lack of knowledge about the potential company and the unavailability of information about the job offers. In this paper, Mashup for Internship Placement (MIP) system for undergraduate students is proposed to integrate disparate data from multiple sources using Yahoo(More)
The current public key infrastructure (pki) encryption/decryption methods are still vulnerable to attacks. The main issue is, the public key algorithm suffers no effective solutions which are natural within particular integer factorization, distinct logarithm and also elliptic curve interactions. It might be computationally possible for an individual to(More)
The work presents in this paper proposes to solve the existing issue of initial qubit (primary key) lost due to an attack by eavesdropper, causing the quantum bit error rate (QBER) to be high which may leaked enough information to the eavesdropper during secret key sharing in network communication. We intend to greatly reduce the QBER to a reasonable(More)
In this paper, a Decision Support System for Alarm Rationalization using Risk Assessment Matrix (ARRAM) is proposed. When performing alarms review and classifying alarms priority, the ARRAM prototype would be used by process engineers after taking into consideration the safety impact, environmental impact and economic consequences of the hazards. The ARRAM(More)
Supplier selection is the most critical and complicated step in the business processes. Procurement department often responsible for providing materials and services needed to companies by evaluating and selecting suppliers. This paper proposes linear weightage model to assist in the decision making activity and helps to select the best supplier among a(More)
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