Oi-Mean Foong

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This paper presents a signage recognition framework for Malaysian Visually Impaired People (VIP). Independent navigation is always a challenge to visually impaired people whenever they attempt to find their way in a building (i.e. an office, a seminar room) and other amenities (i.e. an exit, ladies/gents toilets) even with a walking stick or a guide dog.(More)
The World Wide Web has caused an information explosion. Readers are often drowned in information while starved of knowledge. Readers are bombarded with too many lengthy documents where shorter summarized texts would be preferable. This paper presents a hybrid Harmony Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) framework in an Extractive Text Summarizer to tackle the(More)
Information sharing and gathering are important in the rapid advancement era of technology. The existence of WWW has caused rapid growth of information explosion. Readers are overloaded with too many lengthy text documents in which they are more interested in shorter versions. Oil and gas industry could not escape from this predicament. In this paper, we(More)
The application of multimodal interactivity in HCI and VR avails a host of advantages which includes enhancement of realism and the achievement of interactivity that is relatively close or identical to the conventional human to human interactions. Visual and aural interactions have been widely applied in various domains ranging from mobile industry to(More)
The demand for data center (DC) has been increasing significantly due to the rapid growth in ICT technology. This brings along the “green” issues in data center such as energy consumption, heat generation and cooling requirements. These issues can be addressed by “Green of/by IT” approach in the context of operating costs as well(More)
Stroke contributes to the third leading cause of death in Malaysia and happens to be the prime cause of disability among Malaysian. Lack of awareness and knowledge of stroke among Malaysian have often led to delay in hospital administration and reduced the chances of recovery for stroke patients. The objectives of this research are three-fold: (1) To(More)
This paper presents a Droopy Mouth Detection Model in stroke warning. The objective of this paper is to take up the challenge to provide early detection of stroke through mouth drooping detection in mobile Android platform. To achieve that, a specialized library, Google Mobile Vision is utilized to detect facial landmark such as mouth corners and obtain the(More)
This paper explores the potential application of Virtual Reality (VR) in the traditional foot reflexology (TFR) domain. The simulation of foot reflexology has since been a significant area of interest that has led to the development of manual artifacts and electronic stimulators/vibrators. However, there has been very little attention given towards(More)