Ohyung Kwon

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To obtain highly efficient and stable discharges in mercury-free flat fluorescent lamps (MFFLs), the effects of the main electrode configuration on the electro-optical characteristics such as the operating voltage margin, luminance, and luminous efficacy are investigated. The spatiotemporal characteristic of the infrared emission from discharges in(More)
We have studied the characteristics of the application of a high-gamma cathode material to a plasma display panel (PDP) for the improvement of the secondary electron emission property and consequent luminous efficacy. It had been found that the PDP with the MgCaO cathode layer and the SiO<sub>2</sub> diffusion barrier, which can block the impurity diffusion(More)
This paper is to provide implementation performing remote exploration through a remote explorer terminal based on a user terminal or a screen connected to the Internet. Particularly, this technology is for recommending a remote explorer to a user, and providing a user with the image or the video taken by the remote explorer terminal.
As the digital cable TV broadcasting technique is developed, various applications on a digital cable receiver have been required. Particularly, OpenCable<sup>TM</sup> specifications for digital cable TV broadcasting have presented a cable receiver with multi-tuner for serving a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) application, a Picture-In-Picture (PIP)(More)
We have applied a double protecting layer consisting of SrO and MgO to a plasma display panel. The top MgO layer protects the underlying SrO from contamination by H<sub>2</sub>O or CO<sub>2</sub> when exposed to air and enables it to function as the main cathode material after the aging process, which partially removes the MgO layer. We have confirmed that(More)
The address discharge characteristics of the plasma display with a MgO single cathode layer and the one with a MgO-SrO double cathode layer were investigated. In particular, the conventional waveform with a positive-going ramp and the proposed waveform with a negative-going ramp were applied in order to demonstrate that the polarity of the scan electrode(More)
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