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We reviewed the experience with allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and affiliated Seattle hospitals for patients with preexisting autoimmune diseases. The review was limited to patients who received transplants between 1969 and 1989 from a related donor and who had at least 3 years of relapse-free(More)
Real-time diffraction efficiency is measured during hologram formation in undeveloped dichromated gelatin (DCG) film. The main features of real-time diffraction efficiency of undeveloped DCG reveal double peaks with increasing exposure time. Adopting the grating translation technique, we show that the first peak originates from the absorption grating and(More)
A one-year-old male Beagle dog showed dermatitis, alopecia and scales. Examination of the affected dog revealed generalized alopecia, patchy erythema, and superficial erosions with histological evidence of mural folliculitis. External tests for parasites in scraped skin samples were negative. However, fungal culture tests and polymerase chain reaction(More)
An abnormal swelling was identified in the distal portion of the right femur in a 1-year-old non-obese diabetic (NOD) mouse. Grossly, a large mass of the distal femur was observed in the right femur. Lesions were poorly marginated, associated with destruction of the cancellous and cortical elements of the bone, and showed ossification within the soft tissue(More)
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