Ohad Shalom

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Recent studies implicate primary cilium (PC) proteins in the etiologies of various polycystic kidney diseases (PKD). NIMA-related kinases (NRKs) are conserved serine/threonine kinases, which are usually defined as 'mitotic kinases'. Murine mutants for the NRKs, nek1 (kat mice) suffer from PKD, suggesting that it may be involved in cilium control. We(More)
The Aspergillus NIMA serine/threonine kinase plays a pivotal role in controlling entrance into mitosis. A major function attributed to NIMA is the induction of chromatin condensation. We show here that the founder murine NIMA-related kinase, Nek1, is larger than previously reported, and that the full-length protein conserves the structural hallmarks of(More)
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