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Changes in reduced glutathione (GSH) and pyridine nucleotide phosphate levels as well as in the activities of the glutathione peroxidase-reductase system and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase have been studied in rats after a single i.p. administration of various doses of valproic acid (VPA). GSH level decreased in a dose-dependent relation. At the end of(More)
Acute appendicitis is the most common indication for acute surgical abdominal intervention. In this study, we analyzed the gender correlation with demographic, epidemiologic, diurnal, and seasonal trends in relation to the incidence and management of patients with acute appendicitis in our medical center. Data of patients, 18 years of age or older who(More)
Drug assays may yield false-positive results caused by cross-reacting compounds. After finding a serum salicylate concentration of 81 microg/mL by using Trinder's colorimetric method, in a comatose child admitted to the authors' pediatric intensive care unit, in the absence of reported salicylate intake, the authors aimed to compare this situation with the(More)
Trochanteric bursitis is a common cause of musculoskeletal pain and often requires medical intervention and should be distinguished from sciatica and irradiating pain of pelvic and spinal origin. Previously, the etiology of the trochanteric pain syndrome was thought to be caused by inflammation. The current study was performed in order to assess the(More)
AIMS This research was conducted to evaluate the impact of a telehealth service on re-hospitalization of patients with congestive heart failure at New York Heart Association II-IV. METHODS AND RESULTS The telehealth service for congestive heart failure patients was designed to follow the patients after their daily weighing and to provide a response in(More)
When rat diaphragm, intact or homogenized, was incubated with [14C]glucose, the initial specific activity of the fructose 6-phosphate was higher than that of glucose 6-phosphate (glc-6-P). This relationship was also found when the cytosol was incubated with the labeled glucose. The early time course of production of glc-6-P from glucose and its removal(More)
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