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The Effect of Intelligence on the Decisionmaking Process
Nations invest vast resources in their intelligence services largely because they expect that the intelligence product will constitute a professional, objective analysis of a currentExpand
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Intelligence and Economics: Two Disciplines with a Common Dilemma
At first glance, economists and intelligence analysts seem to operate in separate spheres, one dealing with economic problems, the other investigating security matters. The economist works with overtExpand
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Love/Hate Story: Moshe Sharett and AMAN (Military Intelligence), 1954–1956
The history of the Israeli intelligence community during the 1950s and its relationship with the political leadership is discussed in the literature mainly from the perspective of the “UnfortunateExpand
Israeli Intelligence and the Czech–Egyptian Arms Deal
Abstract This article uses records, recently made available, to shed new light on the way Israeli intelligence evaluated and interpreted the political and military implications of the Czech–EgyptianExpand
Worth the Bother? Israeli Experience and the Utility of Special Operations Forces
Recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have re-opened the debate about the strategic utility of special operations forces (SOF). This article follows the debate and identifies the main factorsExpand
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Israel's Security and its Arab Citizens
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