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Analytical Researches into Trace Elements in Grain——II.Emulsifier OP-5-Br-PADAP Photometric Method of Directly Detecting Trace Element Cu in Grain
The paper makes a research into the photometric method for directlydetecting, in water phase and without resort to separation, the trace element Cu in grain. In the process, we screen interferingExpand
A Second Discussion on the Biochemical Indexes of Wheat Quality Detericration During Long Periods of Storage
A comprehensive statistical analysis of the rheological data of the doughs from 47 Kinds of wheat samples in underground bins and 60 kinds of wheat samples in warehouses for different periods ofExpand
Morphological Comparison Between the Three Storage Lathridis:Cartodere argus, Reitter,Cartodere costulata Reitter and Cartvaere filiformis ( Gyllenhal ) ( Coleoptera: Lathridiidae)
Cartodere argus Reitter ( Coleoptera: Lathridiidae ) is successively found in medicinal meterials in Kunming, Yunnan ( 1983 ) and in Xinyang, Henan in wheat (1985).By cheching exterior morphology ofExpand
The Potential Use of Bacillus thuringiesis As Stored Grain Protectarit From Insect Pests
The main morpmhology of Bacillus thuringiesis Berliner and its lethal mechanism to the insects are described in the paPer.Its usage and applicable range to the insects are also summarized togetherExpand