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Strategies of saccadic planning must take into account both the required level of accuracy of the saccades, and the time and resources needed to plan and execute the movements. To determine relationships between accuracy and time, we studied sequences of saccades made to scan a set of stationary targets located at the corners of an imaginary square. Target(More)
Recent studies have shown that keratinocytes can sense temperature via thermo-transient receptor potential (TRP) channels. It is not known whether other thermosensitive ion channels such as TREK-1, TREK-2 and TRAAK (TREKs/TRAAK) that are members of the two-pore domain K(+) (K(2P)) channel family are expressed in human keratinocytes. Here, we identified the(More)
BACKGROUND Our aim was to investigate the distribution pattern of cerebral artery calcification and its association with white matter hyperintensities (WMH). METHODS We identified 159 consecutive patients with acute ischemic stroke. Calcifications of cerebral arteries and WMH were graded. RESULTS Cerebral artery calcification was found in 137 patients(More)
White matter hyperintensity (WMH) is commonly detected in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), but its role in cortical impairment is unclear. This study investigated the effects of WMH on gray matter (GM) volume in patients with AD. We consecutively enrolled 84 patients with AD and 35 normal controls, who underwent brain MRI and were then classified(More)
The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) impart diverse cellular effects in biological systems. Because stellate cell activation during liver injury is associated with declining PPARgamma expression, we hypothesized that its expression is critical in stellate cell-mediated fibrogenesis. We therefore modulated its expression during liver(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Elevated serum homocysteine level is known to be associated with increased risk of vascular event due to endothelial senescence. We investigated the association between serum homocysteine level and cerebral arteriosclerosis status including intracranial vascular calcification and atherosclerosis burden. METHODS We identified 1193(More)
A transfer of training design was used to examine the role of the Index of Difficulty (ID) on transfer of learning in a sequential Fitts's law task. Specifically, the role of the ratio between the accuracy and size of movement (ID) in transfer was examined. Transfer of skilled movement is better when both the size and accuracy of movement are changed by the(More)
BACKGROUND Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentrations have been shown to predict risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality. Although the prevalence of 25(OH)D deficiency is high in patients with acute stroke, the prognostic value of 25(OH)D in stroke has not been clearly established. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the(More)
Visual input is remarkably diverse. Certain sensory inputs are more probable than others, mirroring statistical regularities of the visual environment. The visual system exploits many of these regularities, resulting, on average, in better inferences about visual stimuli. However, by incorporating prior knowledge into perceptual decisions, visual processing(More)