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BACKGROUND Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has more concentrated platelets than normal plasma (approximately 150-400×10(3) cell/dL). Platelets excrete several growth factors and cytokines that are associated with the healing and regeneration process. However, even though PRP is widely used, the mechanism or actual effect is presently unclear. Therefore, this(More)
Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) has some weaknesses in that it does not always produce reusable software and is not suitable for a large project and does not support the complete encapsulation of classes due to the inheritance of subclasses. As a evolutionary method of OOP, Component-Based Software Engineering(CBSE) or Component-Based Development(CBD) has(More)
As the age of ubiquitous commerce is upon us, personalization service is getting interested. Therefore, the recommendation methods that offer useful information to the customers become more important. However, most of them depend on a specific method and are restricted to the e-commerce. For applying these recommendation methods into U-commerce, first it is(More)
A drowsy driving can bring severe traffic accidents. To prevent these accidents and give a warning to a driver, we analyzed the driving information collected from a vehicle simulator and made a model to detect drowsy driving based on vehicle's behavior such as steering-related and lane-related information. It will be able to provide more effective service(More)
In this paper, we describe the telematics transport gateway which is an important part of the suggested open telematics system. We added more functionalities to the telematics gateway for more efficient management of sessions, protocols and services using various data transport protocols providing various telematics services simultaneously. Our telematics(More)
This paper introduces efficient method for inspection and maintenance of vehicles using existing technology which is aimed primarily at supporting on-board diagnostics (OBD) regulations remotely i.e. Remote OBD. Remote OBD may require remote wireless connectivity with vehicular ECUs and also comply with OBD requirements. Compliance with future remote OBD(More)