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We investigate an efficient parallelization of the most common iterative sparse tensor decomposition algorithms on distributed memory systems. A key operation in each iteration of these algorithms is the matricized tensor times Khatri-Rao product (MTTKRP). This operation amounts to element-wise vector multiplication and reduction depending on the sparsity(More)
This paper reports on methods and results of an applied research project by a team consisting of SAIC and four universities to develop, integrate, and evaluate new approaches to detect the weak signals characteristic of insider threats on organizations' information systems. Our system combines structural and semantic information from a real corporate(More)
We study a generalized version of the near-duplicate detection problem which concerns whether a document is a subset of another document. In text-based applications, document containment can be observed in exact-duplicates, near-duplicates, or containments, where the first two are special cases of the third. We introduce a novel method, called CoDet, which(More)
We investigate an efficient parallelization of a class of algorithms for the well-known Tucker decomposition of general N-dimensional sparse tensors. The targeted algorithms are iterative and use the alternating least squares method. At each iteration, for each dimension of an N-dimensional input tensor, the following operations are performed: (i) the(More)
A γ-quasi-clique in a simple undirected graph is a set of vertices which induces a subgraph with the edge density of at least γ for 0 < γ < 1. A cover of a graph by γ-quasi-cliques is a set of γ-quasi-cliques where each edge of the graph is contained in at least one quasi-clique. The minimum cover by γ-quasi-cliques problem asks for a γ-quasi-clique cover(More)
PATIENT Male, 46 FINAL DIAGNOSIS: Akkaptonuria Symptoms: Hip pain Medication: - Clinical Procedure: Total hip replacement Specialty: Orthopedics and Traumatology. OBJECTIVE Unusual or unexpected effect of treatment. BACKGROUND Ochronosis is an inherited metabolic disease in which there is an accumulation of excessive amounts of homogentisic acid in the(More)
We discuss partitioning methods using hypergraphs to produce fill-reducing orderings of sparse matrices for Cholesky, LU and QR factorizations. For the Cholesky factorization, we investigate a recent result on pattern-wise decomposition of sparse matrices, generalize the result, and develop algorithmic tools to obtain more effective ordering methods. The(More)
The competitive and constantly changing Turkish telecommunication market and its service demands force the companies to effectively plan their operations while increasing the infrastructure investments. The main objective of this project is to design a decision support system that aids the sponsoring firm in the investment decisions for base stations in a(More)
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