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Query processing is an important way of accessing data on the Semantic Web. Today, the Semantic Web is characterized as a web of interlinked datasets, and thus querying the web can be seen as dataset integration on the web. Also, this dataset integration must be transparent from the data consumer as if she is querying the whole web. To decide which datasets(More)
In this paper, a new agent development platform, which includes built-in features for semantic web based multi agent system development, is introduced. All agents and services in the platform use semantic web standards to represent their internal knowledge and semantic web query languages are used to query them. Semantic web services can be discovered and(More)
Semantic Web evolution brought a new vision into agent research. The interpretation of this second generation web will be realized by autonomous computational entities, called agents, to handle the semantic content on behalf of their human users. Surely, Semantic Web environment has specific architectural entities and a different semantic which must be(More)
Agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS) had an increasing attention during the last decade. However, the weak validation and verification of agent-based simulation models makes ABMS hard to trust. There is no comprehensive tool set for verification and validation of agent-based simulation models which demonstrates that inaccuracies exist and/or which(More)